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I started specialising in wedding photography in 2017. In my approach I look for the candid and natural moments that occur; be it a best man welling up for the groom, a family member showcasing their dance moves, or the bridesmaids preparing (usually with a bottle of bubbly!) in the morning. They’re the moments that tell the story of the day – and I’m always looking to anticipate them.

Wedding photography is has been an extremely rewarding career. Being witness to the celebration of love for one another, from bride and groom, to family and friends – it is a huge honour to be a part of of someones wedding. At the end of the day receiving positive feedback makes it all worth it.

In preparation, I’ll work with you to create photographic opportunities throughout the day – without intruding into your plans. I’ll be just an email or phone call away from the moment you book – for any help you need – be it your cake maker has fallen ill, or you’re just in need of a second opinion.

In my editing process, I tend to work from colour scheme of the wedding, incorporating it to create a vibrant interpretation of the day.

In 2019 I’ve invested in new camera equipment that will help raise my standards. With new lenses state of the art flashguns, and the 4k video capability, I’m looking to push the boat out – creatively speaking!

Since working on cruise ships, the travel bug hasn’t left me, and there’s nothing better than being able to travel to a new destination in order to capture someones special day. So whilst I’m based in the UK, I have no problem travelling internationally for destination weddings or elopements.

If you would like to stay up to date with my latest work, feel free to follow me on Instagram, or bookmark this website – my blog is ever being added to, and the portfolio is a continual work in progress.

Professional practice


  • I have professional, reliable equipment – backup cameras, batteries and flashguns.
  • For my file system I keep backups of my backups (I learned the hard way!)
  • I am fully insured – for my equipment and myself.
  • I have used all manner of cameras, from my first Samsung digital compact camera, to my dad’s film cameras, to Nikon, Ricoh, Olympus, Sony, Hasselblad and Mamiya (photographing in both film and digital). Currently I use a mix of Sony and Panasonic Lumix gear.
  • I shoot in RAW – a digital file format that allows for advanced editing techniques
  • I shoot with film –  if you want me to. There are some qualities of film that still cannot be matched with digital cameras.
  • Working part-time in Jessops my colleagues keep me on my toes, and in my free time I get to play with the latest cameras!
  • I have good, talented friends in the business, who – if needs must – can take my place.
  • I have photographed countless weddings
  • I keep in the know about progressive technologies and techniques.
About me

It’s been over 13 years since I started snapping photos, and I don’t plan to stop.

Working professionally since 2014, I have covered many events and commissions, such as: summer balls, black tye events, football tournaments. I also worked as cruise ship photographer onboard P&O and Cunard’s cruise lines, where I began photographing Renewal of Vows ceremonies. It was the beginning of my current path.

I’m always experimenting and looking to improve, which has led me to learn various photographic techniques, as well as cinematography.

As well as freelancing, I work part-time in a camera shop. If you want to know more, scroll down.