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I first met Heidi and Ryan almost two years prior at Sabina and Steve’s Wedding, where Heidi, as a keen photographer herself, chatted all things photography to me. Two years later, I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding.


I joined in on their wedding day at around 12:30, as everyone was preparing to leave the Hotel (The Francis Hotel in Bath, Somerset, UK).  Heidi’s large room was packed full of wedding paraphernalia, as well as her bridesmaids, close family and the makeup artist. I had met up Heidi and Ryan the day beforehand to look at the church and meet the vicar, so pleasantries were quickly exchanged, and then I began snapping away!

Finishing touches by the make-up artist complete, there was a little time to take a few portraits using the nice light falling through the windows.

For the makeup:


Hair: www.bathbridalhair.com

The beautiful Bouquets were made by Heidi herself: @Heidisperringartist

The VW minivan arrived with the owner Michelle acting as chauffeur, and after a few snaps we were driven off to the Church: St Michael’s All Angel’s in Twerton, Bath. It’s amazing how we managed to fit the 4 of us – and my cameras and equipment – in the back of the van!

A quick stop off en-route led us to this blossom tree. Leading up to this day we weren’t overly optimistic that the tree would be blossoming, but it was as though it waited for their special day. I only wish we could have revisited the location later in the day.

Heidi’s Dress:  www.perfectprincessbridal.com

A top tip to get more than one usable photo during the confetti walk post ceremony: have the couple walk up and down, and back again. It’s not an easy task to smile for the camera, with every new step providing another opportunity for the confetti to land somewhere undesirable!

So, the bridesmaids were meant to throw the bouquets at the same time… But this proved slightly difficult to co-ordinate. We eventually got a shot of everyone in sync, but I prefer this – naturally occuring – moment. It’s a common scenario: in the attempt to act out a photographic idea, something unexpected happens – and that unique moment makes for the better photo.

The daughter of the best man; perhaps we have a future photographer here?!

All of the beautiful floral arrangements were created and made by Heidi.

The Chef responsible for the fresh pizza on the day was Angel Ganev. Not only were they absolutely delicious, but the speed in which just the two of them managed to feed a room of around 90 people was just as impressive.

For tasty pizza: www.the pizzabike.co.uk

Bridesmaids dresses: Jolie Moi & Petticoats Banned Apparel

Can you tell they were Game of Thrones fans? The John Snow and Khaleesi model’s were chosen before the finale – I can only hope they have a better ending than on the show!

Interestingly Heidi’s close friend Paul Schnaars is also a photographer, and has does many headshots for the cast of Game of Thrones – so feel free to check out his work as well.

Cake Maker: www.tsallocassioncakes.co.uk


I really appreciated the styling of Heidi & Ryan’s wedding. The colour palette’s and art-deco inspired elements were a really nice touch.

Most of the creative elements and styling were planned and created by the bride herself. So if you like her style, check out Heidi’s work: @heidisperringartist on Instagram and Facebook.

Entertainment: www.eventimate.co.uk

The rehearsals at the church, the day prior to the wedding.

I met Ollie at a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago. Ryan and I were delighted to find out the Ollie was available for our wedding date; we knew we’d be in good hands. Ollie was so attentive and leading up to the wedding we had several discussions to plan the day and for him to check in which was perfect and so supportive. I knew we had chosen the right photographer and he would feel comfortable around our wonderful friends and family. Ollie was able to join us at our rehearsal and this was perfect so he could get a feel for the venue and meet some of the bridal party. He then spent part of the morning with the Bridal party getting ready and stayed throughout the day to capture unforgettable moments, through to the first dance which I was really self-conscious about but had nothing to worry about at all.


He captured so many beautiful photographs and was brilliant at guiding us to get the best results. Ollie has a wonderful demeanour, he is friendly and approachable, he made us feel at ease and calm, perfect as the days before were a challenge. We are thrilled with our photographs and have a beautiful story to share of our friends and family. Also, some which will certainly make a few people chuckle forever! We had so much wonderful feedback from friends and family – well deserved. Thank you again Ollie for being part of our day, capturing our memories and being a fantastic photographer.

Heidi & Ryan

April 2019

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We’re deep into the summer of 2019 (even though it may not feel like it this week!), and as such the photography season is well under way. I’m only just getting this website to a standard where I’m happy with it, but as with my photography, it will always be a work in progress; as will my blog-writing skills!

Technical bits

This wedding was photographed with...


Camera: Sony A7MIII

Lenses: Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 - Sony G Master 85mm 1.4

Flashes: Hahnel Modus 600 RT

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